Kit & Tech

I use Blackmagic Design cameras for my projects; they have great dynamic range and the small size makes them incredibly versatile and usable in every situation. I generally film in RAW which allows me full control in post production. I use DaVinci Resolve to edit and colour-grade my own footage, and have experience using a variety of editing software including Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Although I do use modern Samyang kit, I’m an enthusiastic user of vintage lenses and have built up a collection of Olympus, Helios and C mount lenses which have all been used in my filming. My next acquisition will be an anamorphic lens.

For lighting I use Godox SL60W softboxes, supplemented by LED panels for accent and fill.

For my interview setups I principally use three-point or cross-key lighting.

I record sound with a Zoom field recorder using lavalier mics and a boom mic.